All-in-one Fluorescence Microscope  (2 units)
  KEYENCE  A:  BZ-x700    B:  BZ-9000
       Installation date: A: May 2018/ B: October 2012

  •   <Common to both A and B>
  •   Capable of
  •     -observing fluorescence, phase contrast, and bright fields
  •     -Image stitching (combines images to produce wide-view images)
  •     -Z-stack
  •   <Only for Keyence A>
  •   A large, high-speed motorized stage
  •     Equipped with a large, high-speed motorized stage, which allows observation of an entire well plate and up to 3 slides or 35mm dishes.
  •   Optical sectioning
  •     Equipped with structured excitation light to capture clear images without fluorescence blurring.
  •   3D Module
  •     Equipped with Real-time 3D module which generates 3D image after capturing z-stack images.

  Image analysis software
  •   We have a designated computer for analyzing the images captured by Keyence.
  •     Click here for the details.
  •   You must receive a training session.
  •   There are restrictions on time of use as written below.
  •     A(BZ-X700): 2 hours (weekdays from 8:00AM to 7:00PM).
  •     B(BZ-9000): 2 hours (weekdays from 9:00AM to 5:00PM).
  •     Except for the above mentioned hours, there is no time limitation. Please refrain from reserving unnecessarily long hours.
  •    If you have any questions or inquiries about reservations, please contact us.
  •   Scan digital media (CD, DVD, USB flash drive, etc.) for viruses with the designated computer of our center.

  About training session
  •   We conduct training sessions twice a month.
  •     Please contact us in advance to adjust the schedule.
  •     Please contact us after you have determined when you will start using.
  •   The training session takes 2 hours.
  •     There is no need to bring a sample, but if you wish to bring one please let us know.

  •       NOTE:We have Keyence Image analysis software.
  •                  You must take a training session.
  •                  Detail : Click Here

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