Keyence Image analysis software
       Installation date: April 2015

  •   Capable of analyzing images taken with Keyence All-in-One fluorescence microscope.
  •   Detail
  •     -Hybrid cell count : the area of interest can be extracted and quantified quickly and accurately from phase contrast, brightfield, and fluorescence images.
  •     -Macro cell count : measures multiple files using the same conditions saved by using Hybrid cell count.
  •     -Main measurement : measures the distance or cells between two points.
  •     -Area measurement : measures the area or brightness of a region specified by a polygon, circle, or freehand line.
  •   Windows7 64bit

  •  You must take a training session.
  •  Scan digital media (CD, DVD, USB flash drive, etc.) for viruses with the designated computer of our center.

  About training session
  •   We conduct training sessions as needed. Please contact us in advance to adjust the schedule.
  •     Please contact us after you have determined when you will start using.
  •   We only give a rough explanation of how to use the software.
  •     You will have to analyze your data while receiving advice from the manufacturer.

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