Flow cytometer (cell analyzer)  
  BD  FACSVerse
       Installation date: April 2017

  •   Flows floating cells at a high speed and exposes them to a laser to analyze and sort single cells individually.
  •   Equipped with 2 lasers to enable 6-color measurement: Blue (488nm) and Red (640nm)
  •   Software: FACSuite v1.0.6
  •   The spillover values for standard fluorochromes reside in the system reduces the compensation process.
  •   The cell cycle analysis software Modifit Pro LT is included.

  •   You must receive training sessions.
  •   There are restrictions on time of use: 2 hours. (Please consult with us if you wish to use it longer.)

  •   Usage fee: 1,100 yen/hour
  •   Consumables fee
  •     Sheath fluid: 500yen/L
  •     CST beads:  400yen/test

  About training session
  •   First, you must submit sample preparation protocols.
  •     Then, we will make an arrangement for the training sessions.
  •   You must take two training sessions in order to use the equipment.
  •     First training session: explanation of basic operations (about 2 hours long)
  •     Second training session: practical individual training to verify your operation procedure (about 2 hours long)

    Some consumables are purchasable at our center. Click here for the consumables list.


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