Nucleic genome analysis
  Agilent  4150 TapeStation
       Installation date: March, 2022

  •   Enables quality control of DNA and RNA samples (Applications: Genomic DNA, Cell-free DNA, DNA, RNA)
  •   Automatically calculates DIN (DNA Integrity Number) or RINe (RNA Integrity Number equivalent)
  •   Can run 1 to 16 samples (ladder included) at a constant cost per sample.
        Runtime is approximately 1 minute per sample

  •  You must receive a training session.
  •   Bring your own kits, reagents and consumables.
  •   Be sure to take back used consumables such as screen tapes and loading tips with you.

  About training session
  •   We conduct training sessions as needed. Please contact us in advance to adjust the schedule.
  •   Please contact us after you have decided when you will start using the equipment.
  •   The training session takes approximately 1 hour (including sample measurement).

  Consumables     Some consumables are purchasable at the Support Center. Click here for the list.
  •   ※Only Agilent official consumables can be used.


  Necessary reagent and kits
  •   Choose appropriate kit (screen tapes and reagents) for your analysis.

  •   ※Some sample buffers and ladders are sold individually. Please check the official Agilent web page for details.

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