Cryostat Microtome
  Thermo Fisher Scientific CryoStar NX70
       Installation date: March 2018

  •   Capable of slicing frozen tissues.

  •   You must receive a training session.
  •   There are restrictions on time of use: during weekdays from 8:00AM to 9:00PM.
  •   3hours
       (In terms of unfixed samples, 3 hours includes the time required for disinfection & cleaning.)
  •     Except for the above mentioned hours, there is no time limitation. Please refrain from reserving unnecessarily long hours.
  •     NOTE: Cannot be used between 4:00AM and 6:00AM due to daily defrosting.
  •   Be sure to take any trash back with you.
  •   Bring your own consumables such as OCT compound, blades, and *anti-roll plate.
  •   Please keep the followings in mind if you have unfixed samples.
  •     -You must inform us of the details of your sample in advance.
  •     -Please write (Unfixed) beside your name when making reservation online.
  •     -You must perform the Disinfection & Cleaning process after use (approximately 50 minutes).

  About training session
  •   We conduct training sessions as needed. Please contact us in advance to adjust the schedule.
  •     Please contact us after you have determined when you will start using.
  •   The training session takes approximately 1 hour.
  •   There is no need to bring a sample, but if you wish to bring one please let us know whether it is fixed or unfixed.

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