Laser Microdissection
  Leica  LMD 6500
       Installation date: March 2015

  •   Capable of collecting homogenous cell populations or single cells of area of interest from tissue sections.
  •   Collects specimen directly into reaction buffer by gravity (contact-free, contamination-free)

  •   You must receive a training session.
  •   Use the specialized foil-covered slides for specimen preparation.
  •   Use the Leica-designated PCR tube for specimen collection.

  About training session
  •   We conduct training sessions as needed. Please contact us in advance to adjust the schedule.
  •     Please contact us after you have determined when you will start using.
  •   The training session takes approximately 1 hour.
  •     There is no need to bring a sample, but if you wish to bring one please let us know.

    Some consumables are purchasable at the Support Center. Click here for the list.


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