High Content Screening System
  Molecular Devices ImageXpressMicro
       Installation: July, 2011

  •   Automatically and quickly capture fluorescent images in 96-well cell culture plate.
  •     From the acquired images, the device conducts numerical analysis of changes at the cell level such as morphological changes and intracellular localization and protein expression.
  •   It can also acquire bright-field images.

  •   Take a training session in advance.
  •   Usage time limit
  •     Maximum use of 4 hours : 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays
  •     No time limit : afer 19:00 on weekdays , on weekends
  •     Please refrain from reserving unnecessarily long hours.
  •     Feel free to contact us.

  About training session
  •   Please contact us after you have determined what time you will start using.
  •   Training session is about 4 hours long.
  •     You don't have to bring samples. If you want to bring your samples please inform us in advance.


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