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Below is a list of experimental guidance: ? Method for extracting and purifying DNA (plasmid, etc.) and method for nucleic acid sequencing? DNA cloning method? Growing fungus and extracting chromosomal DNA and analyzing nucleic acid sequences viaLH-PCR method? Two-hybrid method? Extracting RNA from tissue and cells? Microarray analysis? Protein expression analysis (selecting an expression vector and western blot)The popularization of research kits has made researchers forget the significance of eachindividual step in an experiment. Therefore, when their experiment does not go as expectedbecause they cannot identify the reason. Rather than simply teaching how to use kits andequipment, we are devoted to educating our users with the knowledge and skills to solveproblems.■ Discussion for research and guidance for molecular biology experimentsWe hold practical, useful seminars that range frombasic, technical seminars for molecular biology tooperating the equipment, among others. The following isa list of past seminars:“Basic Technical Seminar”? Basics of Plasmid DNA purification, and simple purificationmethod of highly purified DNA (Plasmid, Genomic DNA)? Basics of nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) purification and importantpoints of RNA purification? Basics of real-time PCR and problems/countermeasures foroptimization“Basics and Application of Protein Purification”“Western Blot”“Fluorescence Imaging Seminar: From an Overviewto Recent Fluorescence Observations”“Basics and Application of Flow Cytometry”and many othersFrom 2010 to 2014, approximately 3000 people haveattended the Center’s seminars/lectures. We intend to planthe holding of seminars/lectures that lead to nurturing allresearchers.■ Lectures and Seminars ■ Number of Research SupportCenter Users201018,00016,00014,00012,00010,0008,0006,0004,0002,000010,13712,59713,62616,88616,240OtherBiomedicalResearchEngineeringScienceAgricultureDentistryPharmaceuticsMedical2011 2012 2013 2014(2010-2014)elucidate the mechanisms ofby analyzing genetic information.request the Research Supportsequencing. Their work isplace the request in theresults in the early afternoon) buthelpful. Even when the resultsable to improve the experimentMr. Nakamura. I would like tosupport.TakesuePharmacokinetics,Pharmaceutical ScienceMy research topic is the detection of biomolecules using aptamer-based sensor. Asa part of my research, I had conducted BIAcore experiments for years at Kikicenter. Oneday, however, the sensitive machine encountered a serious problem. The staff workedvery hard to fix the problem and finally the machine was successfully repaired, and I wasable to get a desirable result.Special thanks to Amago san for working so hard for BIAcore machine, Megumi sanfor being an English translator for me, Nakamura sensei as the leader of Kikicenter, aswell as other staff. Even though, I am from other campus (Ito), a student from Malaysia,as well as a muslim, I felt very welcomed to Kikicenter because all the staff are sofriendly and helpful. I really like Japan and its people.Congratulations Kikicenter. Keep it up.Siti Norulhuda HashimDepartment of Applied Chemistry,Graduate School of Engineering D3Welcome to The Research Support Center