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Support ServicesThe Research Support Center is equipped with over 50 pieces of equipment and weprovide guidance and hold demonstrations for how to use them. Staff at the Centerstrives to make our users understand and master the equipment instead of just beingable to use them.Even after the initial guidance of how to operate the equipment, the staff is willingto assist in selecting equipment that is most suited to your research. The Center alsoholds discussions for determining HPLC conditions and provides advice on real-timePCR data analysis and primer design.■ Guidance for Using and Operating Equipment? DNA SequencingWe determine the nucleotide sequence of PCR product and plasmid DNA with the DNAsequencer (ABI 3130xl, 3500xl). When the results are inconclusive, we provide advice andtechnical guidance for using agarose gel electrophoresis, extracting and purifying DNA, anddesigning the primer.? RNA Quality CheckUsing Experion (Bio-Rad Laboratories), we conduct electrophoresis of the total RNA toidentify the ribosomal RNA peaks and evaluate mRNA integrity. When the results are inconclusive,we provide advice on RNA extraction from tissue and cells.? DNA MicroarrayWe use BeadArray (Illumina Inc.) for the DNA microarray. With total RNA, we conduct aRNA quality check, synthesize cRNA, hybridize, and scan. We then extract the difference in geneexpression and format the data in an Excel file. In pursuit of RNA quality and setting stringentcriteria on the amount of synthesized cRNA, we provide high quality data.We endeavor to give good advice and guidance, so you can get good data and don’t lose precious research time and materials byrepeating the same mistakes.■ Consignment ServicesI conduct research on the differentiations of hematopoieticprogenitor cells. The Research Support Center providesaccess to a variety of equipment such as a flow cytometer,fluorescence microscopes, and a Luminometer, as well astechnical advice, which is very helpful. They also performconsignment services of microarrays and DNA sequencing.Not only their DNA sequencing is less expensive, but theyoptimize sequencing conditions and provide helpful advice(especially when results are not desirable). This is extremelyvaluable for making progress in my research.Hirofumi OhnoDepartment of Medicine and Bioregulatory Science,Graduate School of Medical SciencesGraduate StudentWe are working to elucidate gene expression in vivo by To do so, we often request Center to conduct DNA sequencing. quick (sometimes, if we place morning, we get the results thorough, which is very helpful. are unexpected, we are able by discussing with Mr. ask for your continued support.Hiroaki TakesueDepartment of Clinical Pharmacokinetics,Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Doctorate 1st yearVoices of Our Users