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Fumi TakahashiGraduate School of Medical SciencesGlobal Medical Science Education Unit,LecturerHidetoshi SaitoGraduate School of Pharmaceutical SciencesDepartment of Life Innovation,Associate ProfessorKeigo YoshizakiGraduate School of Dental ScienceSection of Orthodontics and DentofacialOrthopedics,Assistant ProfessorKuniyoshi ShimizuFaculty of AgricultureLaboratory of Systematic Forest and ForestProduct Sciences,Associate ProfessorHiroyuki KitaoGraduate School of Medical SciencesDepartment of Molecular Oncology,Associate ProfessorMichio NakayaGraduate School of Pharmaceutical SciencesDepartment of Pharmacology and Toxicology,Associate ProfessorCongratulations on the 10 YearAnniversary of the Research SupportCenter, Graduate School of MedicalSciences’.I frequently use the ResearchSupport Center, which is equipped withvarious experimental devices that wouldbe difficult to install and maintain inone laboratory. The employees are veryknowledgeable about the equipmentand help us solve problems weencounter in research. The Center isnecessary to advance our research. Istill hope that they will installequipment that enables analysis atbiogenetic level.A Word from Instructors I have been supported by theResearch Support Center for 9 yearssince I started my research at KyushuUniversity. Young researchers benefitfrom access to expensive equipmentnecessary for life sciences andconsignment services by specializedemployees. The students learn a lotfrom regularly scheduled lectures thatprovide both basic knowledge andpractical implementation instructions. Ithas become a place to exchangeinformation regarding research methodsand topics and is accessed byresearchers from various departments. Ihope for the continuoued developmentof the center.We are analyzing the mechanismsof tooth development andmorphogenesis. We had a microarrayanalysis conducted to receive acomprehensive analysis data related tothe early development of the teeth.Tooth germs in mouse are extremelysmall tissue and are difficult to extract,which made it difficult to collect adecent RNA quality. Receiving valuableadvice, however, we were able toconduct the analysis and identifycandidate genes. Not only did theCenter conduct the analysis, but theyalso provided very helpful technicalsupport by suggesting protocols andmethods of analyzing the data. It wouldbe much appreciated if the Centerwould consider installing a nextgeneration sequencer. We look forwardto your future progress.At our laboratory, we frequentlyassess the functionality of variousnatural materials. We mostly use theFlexStation3 (Multi-Mode MicroplateReader), which is useful for both simplescreening and detailed measurements.We could not conduct our researchwithout the Research Support Center. Iwould like to express our gratitude tothe staff for their lectures and guidancefor analysis methods.Congratulations on the 10-YearAnniversary of the Research SupportCenter, Graduate School of MedicalSciences. Since being instated to mycurrent position in 2008, I have beenworking to clarify the mechanisms ofanticancer drugs. Our laboratorymembers use DNA sequencing servicesand other equipment at the Center,which helps us achieve successfulresults. The advantage of the Center istheir thorough maintenance of theequipment, stringent compliance to therules, and detailed explanation of howto operate the equipment, which allowseven inexperienced researchers to use the equipment.However, I request the Center consider installing new machineswith new functions. We often use two FACS Calibur-flow cytometersinstalled in 2002 and 2008. On top of being old models with limitedfunctions, they frequently break down and need to be repaired, whichworries me as a user. We find necessity for digital PCR technologyand super resolved fluorescence microscopy technology. We hopesuch equipment will be installed in the near future.Congratulations on the 10-YearAnniversary of the Research SupportCenter, Graduate School of MedicalSciences. I work at the Graduate Schoolof Pharmaceutical Sciences, Departmentof Pharmacology and Toxicology. Wehave been using the DNA sequencinganalysis services, the FACS Calibur, theconfocal microscopy, the Keyencefluorescence microscopy, and theNanoDrop at the Center. These areessential to our research, for which weare very grateful. We are very impressedby how well maintained the equipmenthas been. If I had to say, I would requestthat more equipment is accessibleoutside of regular service hours. Thankyou, and I will continue to rely on yourservices.Please don’t hesitate to come by The Research Support Center.There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing our users smileas they bring us their research paper that utilized results foundat the Center.