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Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine,and Graduate School of Medical Sciences in Kyushu UniversityDirector of the Research Center for Human Disease Modeling,Kyushu University Graduate School of Medical Sciences Hideki SumimotoMedicalAgriculturalPharmaceutics DentistrySciences EngineeringOperational GuidanceConsignment ServicesDiscussionsLecture & SeminarsC reFacilityThe Research Support Center in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University(currently the Research Support Center, Research Center for Human Disease Modeling,Kyushu University Graduate School of Medical Sciences) celebrated its 10 YearAnniversary in October 2015. This would not have been possible without the support ofeveryone involved, for which we are deeply grateful.The Research Support Center, which is currently managed by the Graduate School ofMedical Sciences, was established on the 2nd floor of Basic Research Building A of theFaculty of Medical Sciences at the Hospital Campus (Maidashi) in October 2006, with theaim of nurturing and training young researchers and promoting advanced research.Since then, the Center has extended beyond the Graduate School of Medical Sciences,and has supported biological research across various faculties in Kyushu University. Withan ever-increasing number of users, there are now over 17,000 users per year, and usersfrom other departments have outpaced the number of users in the Graduate School ofMedical Sciences. Impressively, there are over 200 English research papers that utilizeresearch results attained at The Research Support Center.The Research Support Center has created a comfortable environment for studentsand researchers by developing a system accessible for 24 hours and by performingthorough maintenance and inspection of the general equipment and precision equipmentat the Center. With the intention of encouraging graduate students and young researchersto conduct their own research, the Center holds both basic and practical seminars byspecialists and conducts lectures on how to operate equipment and practice by staff.It also provides research consultation and basic technical advices for beginners. TheCenter not only provides the equipment to the users but it also support their experiments.Our Research Support Center employees will continue to dedicate ourselves tofostering researchers and promote advanced, pioneering research at Kyushu University.GreetingsEquipment, Facilities, & Educational Support Available toAll Kyushu University Researchers